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Carpet Cleaning

Skipping Carpet Cleaning?

The failure to professionally clean a carpet means that a certain portion of bacteria, like allergens and dander, will stay in your carpet. This is the number one cause of premature aging of carpet and loss of color. The remaining portion of bacteria, like dander and dust mites, enter your indoor breathing air and their exposure is a top cause for the onset or exacerbation of respiratory problems, like asthma and allergy attacks.

Why should you get your carpet cleaned?

1. Appearance 

CRI: The appearance of your carpet might be the most obvious reason to have your carpet cleaned, however that doesn’t make it any less important. Professional cleaning removes those spots and stains that you may not be able to remove otherwise.

2. Indoor Air Quality 

CRI: Indoor air quality is a major issue today for the many people who suffer from asthma and allergies, but carpet acts as a filter and keeps dirt from recirculating. Regular vacuuming and professional cleaning are a way of cleaning that filter of dust, allergens and other particulates.

3. Investment 

CRI: The floor covering you choose is an important investment in your home and professional cleaning helps to protect that investment. Along with regular vacuuming, Professional cleaning keeps carpet from “uglying out,” or having to be replaced before fulfilling its useful life.

4. Warranty 

CRI: This is a reason many people might not consider, but many carpet manufacturers’ warranties recommend having your carpet cleaned by a professional. Look over your warranty for the details on how often the carpet should be professionally cleaned.

These are just a few of the many reasons it is necessary to have carpet professionally cleaned and CRI appreciates Superior Steam Cleaners for advising consumers on the importance of professional deep cleaning.

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